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Project survey works on Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart highway. 2007.

Construction project of mini Hydro power on the Karasuu river. 2008.

Tacheometric survey was made from main geodetic traverses points, and from points of survey network. Cross-sections right-of-way and quantities DTM was extended according to Project Manager Task on bridges and floodplain sections.

In sections with satisfactory surface, survey was made more detailed with fixation all height variations. It was obligatory to show contours of asphalt coat variations.

After completing the work, second cameral control of DTM was made on weak spots of the road according to computer analysis; and by summaries of it the surface was reconstructed. Digital Terrain Model (survey) was basic information for the project design creation for highway reconstruction.


Retaining wall, Almaty, Medeo. 2008

Bank consolidation project, Pavlodar. 2006


BishkekOsh rehabilitation project. 2001


BishkekOsh rehabilitation project. 2000


Surface erosion control before the reconstruction Almaty, Kok-Tyube. 2005

Surface erosion control after the reconstruction Almaty, Kok-Tyube. 2005


Protection project of antifiltration dikes in Kaspiy. 2004-2007.


Project survey works for rehabilitation of the Khodja-Khair channel. 2008.



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